Monday, May 26, 2014

Stayed at Home

Rainy Monday. We were forced to stay at home. MM (my granddaughter) enjoyed making a box lunch for the Cheburashka family. Currently she is in the middle of potty training, so the weather like today is a good chance to proceed with her training.
We've got 2 successes and 1failure so far today.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Box Lunch

I made box lunches almost for the first time in a year.

My daughter's family has moved to a new apartment recently.
Settlement in a new place is certainly exciting but at the same time it is quite tiredsome, particulary for a family with an infant.
Therefore I made box lunches for them.

This is for my granddaughter.
She loves Sesami Street. She loves Ernie and Bert.
Me? I love Counting Bats:)
She never expected to find her favorite characters in the box.
So she was very surprized and freezed when opening it
and then wisperd "wow! Ernie and Bert!!"
At first she hesitated to eat their eyes and noses but once starting,
she just couldn't stop eating and ate the whole lunch in a short time.

This is for grown-ups.
I had to wake up very early to prepare it
but I really enjoyed cooking a large variety of dishes.
The most difficult part for me is how to pack them beautifully in the boxes.

Anyway those box lunches made our lunch break enjoyable on the moving day.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sewing Life

 I wonder if my blogger friends remember that my daughter and her husband gave me a red sewing mashine as Kanreki present in autumn 2012.
I have been enjoying sewing and made several things since then.
 This is a new apron I lately made for my daughter MM.
Isn't it cute? She currently wants to help grandma with cooking
and I thought this sort of apron is a good item to make her cooking time more fun.

She is pretending a shop keeper in her new apron and
I have to do shopping over and over again at her shop. lol 

Friday, March 07, 2014

Life is Beautiful

Her name is Misao Okawa and she is now spending her quiet life in a nursing home in Osaka, western Japan. Wearing a new pink kimono with a red flower in her hair, she looks so happy. Her smile is very cute, isn't it? Recently she celebrated her 116th birthday. Amazing!! I saw the three digit number candles on a birthday cake for the first time in my life:) The world's oldest woman said that tips for longevity were very simple, just eating a good meal and reluxing.

You never know when your grand finale of your life comes. But one thing for sure is that nobady can live foreever. According to the statistics, average life span for women in Japan is 86 yerars now, which means I may still have about 30 years to go. (I can't deny tha possibility that my life come to an end tomorrow all of sudden though...) What do I like to do for the rest of my life? Whatever it is, my health condition is the most important key to make it come true.

Eating a good meal and reluxing...

I try to keep the phrase in mind so that I may be able to live healthy untill the very last day of my life.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Long Time No See

It's been quite some time since my last post. Just unbelievable!! THe main reason is that I started taking care of my granddaughter during daytime because my daughter went back to work in the beginning of May 2013 after 20 months of maternity and child care leave. Being with an infant for about 8 hours a day is very exciting for sure but exhausting as well. Anyway so far so good. We have been getting alone quite well. MM(my granddaughter) is 28 months old now. Time flies... She is very active, talkative but very shy of strangers. Today she has a bit high fever and our family-get-together dinner for cerebrating my hubby's 57th birthday and the Girl's Festival have postponed. Hope she will get well soon so that we can get together and have a good time next weekend.

She loves animals.

She is absorbed in blowing soap bubbles. 

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Annual Family Reunion

It is a typical warm spring day today, a bit worried about the pollution air from China though... Looking at the sky over the peach blanch, I think about the annual reunion held last weekend. We celebrated the second Girl's Day for MM (my granddaughter) and my hubby's 56th birthday. It is 16 months since MM was born. We became the quintet family then and I believe we have performed a good harmony so far.

They are ready to welcome MM. The red piano is a present from my mother in law
and the yellow Rody is from my hubby and me.

They became good friends instantly, or perhaps I should say MM made Rody her servant?

She was very excited at the sounds the piano created.

She wanted to get the queen sitting on the top step.
Sorry, you can't play with her.

The special Hina Doll Plate my daughter prepared for MM.
So cute, isn't it?

Dinner I prepared for adults.
After MM went to bed, we enjoyed a good conversation over a little special dinner.

Digital photo frame given to my hubby from his daughter and son in law.
It is a good present for a busy person who can't see his granddaughter very often.

The next family reunion is scheduled during Golden Week Holidays. I'm eagerly waiting for the day to come.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Day We Exchange Love

I know it is a late posting because Valentine's Day is already gone.
However I just want to put here how I felt that day.

I guess many many people all over the world had a happy, joyful and contented with love time on the special day.
It is such a good opportunity for you to show how you love and care the people who mean a lot to you . And at the same time it is also a good opportunity for you to realize how you are loved and cared by the people around you no matter how often you see each other or how far you live from each other.

On Valentine's Day this year, I got a lot of people's love and it made me very very happy.

This is the love shown to me by my son in law.
My daughter Akiko met him in 2007, got married him legally in Autumn 2009.
At the moment "trio de family," which lasted for 33 years since Akiko was born, changed into "quartet de family." They had a wedding ceremony in Tahiti in January 2010, hold a wedding reception in May 2010.
Akiko gave a birth to a baby girl in November 2011 and "quartet de family" changed into "Quintet de family."
My son in low has been a good husband and father so far. In addition he is a good son to us, too, always showing his consideration, kindness and warm-heart to us.
The animal trio in the picture isn't for me but for our granddaughter MM. they are so cute that I took a picture of them with the box I was given.
It is 15 months since we formed "quintet de family" and we never heard an inharmonic tone so far.

I didn't expect a Valentine's chocolate from MM! Thank you!
Grandma is so happy and your message made me even much happier. I love you:)

Lots of love from other people, too.
How can I consume all of these boxes without gaining weight? (wry smile)